Paloma de La Vallee, Georgios Iosifidis, Andrea Rossi, Marco Dri, Wim Mees

Published in

Multimedia Communications, Services and Security. MCSS 2022. Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol 1689. Springer


maritime, training, cyber range federation

Open Access



The infrastructure in the maritime sector has evolved to integrate more and more connected systems. The maritime environment very much relies on modern technology to aid and optimize the daily operations of ships and harbour processes alike. The cyber protection of these systems is essential to prevent the disruption of their activity. While Security Operation Centre teams usually are aided in their tasks by Intrusion Detection Systems, the actual response to cyber attacks remains very much a human activity. In that regard, complex and realistic hands-on training is an excellent way to bolster the efficiency of the defensive actions; this type of exercise is usually performed on a cyber range. In that context, a federation of cyber range allows to generate more elaborate sector-specific scenarios. This paper presents a maritime-specific training delivered over a cyber range federation. The sector-specific aspects, as well as the technical issues of the federation, are discussed.