Vyacheslav Kharchenko, Oleg Illiashenko, Herman Fesenko, Ievgen Babeshko

Published in

Dziech, A., Mees, W., Niemiec, M. (eds) Multimedia Communications, Services and Security. MCSS 2022. Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol 1689. Springer, Cham.


Artificial intelligence, Automation transportation systems, Cybersecurity assurance, IMECA

Open Access



The paper investigates problems and ways of utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ensure the cybersecurity of autonomous transport systems (ATSs) in different domains (aviation, space, maritime). A systematic approach to solving problems of analyzing and assuring ATS cybersecurity in conditions of attacks by use of AI means is suggested. This approach is based on: the development of a set of scenarios describing the operation of ATS under cyberattacks and actor activities considering AI contribution to system protection; scenario-based development and analysis of user stories describing different cyber-attacks, their influence, and ways to protect ATs via AI means/platforms; profiling of AI platform requirements by use of characteristics based AI quality model and risk-based assessment of cyberattacks criticality and efficiency of countermeasures, which can be implemented by actors. A modified IMECA technique for risk-based cyber security assessment and choice of countermeasures applied by different actors to minimize the effect of attacks on the system is suggested.