ECHO COVID-19 CTI Defense Alliance

Preparedness for COVID-19 Cybersecurity Threats

The ECHO network of cybersecurity centres has joined forces to establish its COVID-19 Cyber Defence Alliance in order to support all initiatives that aim at protecting the EU member states, key services and critical infrastructure from cyberattacks. Its mission is to protect against any form of cyber attack that would take advantage of the COVID-19 crisis.

Our objectives:

  • No disruption of COVID-19 health operations.
  • No disruption of essential services.
  • No disruption of the economical recovery operations and societal functions.

The ECHO COVID-19 Cyber Defence Alliance will define assets and vulnerabilities, identify potential attack methods and define possible mitigation measures.

The disruption of government and private-sector activities created by responses to COVID-19 creates the perfect storm for criminals to exploit vulnerabilities in the private sector and critical infrastructure, creates incentives for states to intensify cyber espionage/disruption and opportunities to overlook cybersecurity issues of COVID-19 technological surveillance capabilities.

Now is the time to act, to work together cross border, to defend our freedom, values and the well-being of our people.