ECHO strives to put innovation, excellence and people at the center of the cybersecurity efforts in Europe, enhancing Europe’s technological sovereignty, providing a single market for cybersecurity technological solutions and to deliver a digital education and training action plan.

ECHO is establishing a European network of cybersecurity centers and competence hubs bringing together National Competence Centers, public authorities, industry and academia to support the development of a robust, resilient and sustainable cybersecurity ecosystem and accelerate the advancement of the cybersecurity capabilities and excellence in Europe. Part of ECHO’s mission is to provide education and training of security specialists, certification scheme and governance model, and to develop innovative solutions to empower and ensure the safety of European Digital Single Market.

Among the solutions we develop throughout the research and development phase of the project are the ECHO Multi-Sector Assessment Framework, the ECHO Early Warning System, the ECHO Federation of Cyber Ranges, the ECHO Inter-Sector Technology Roadmaps, ECHO Cyber Skills Framework, ECHO Cybersecurity Certification Scheme.

Furthermore, the ECHO Project intends to establish the necessary business and governance models to find the ECHO Group at the end of the life of the project. The ECHO Group is envisaged to be an operational entity, encompassing pan-European cybersecurity centres and competence hubs to deliver cyber-related services and content, both developed within the frame of the project, and from third party affiliates, to Governmental, Industrial and Academic users via a networked ECHO Marketplace.