ship navigation system

Written by Matteo Merialdo
Project Implementation Coordinator, RHEA Group

The ECHO Federated Cyber Range (E-FCR) to be used for cyber-skills education and training in collaboration with the ECHO Cyber Skills Framework (E-CSF) E-FCR use for cybersecurity certification of new technologies in collaboration with the ECHO Certification Scheme (E-CCS)
E-FCR use for R&D activities of the ECHO technology roadmaps ECHO Early Warning System (E-EWS) use for reference library exchange in collaboration with the ECHO Governance Model (E-GM) E-EWS use for cyber incident coordination response in collaboration with E-GM and with E-CSF The ECHO team travelled for 30 months to develop technologies, frameworks and relations strong enough to dare the final endeavour, complex Demonstration Cases which aim is to validate multiple technologies and teams together in real-life usage situations.
The ECHO Demonstration Cases are structured in a way to force the interaction and the combined work of multiple Tasks and Work Packages within the project. The team actively started working on the Demonstration Cases since they are key to validate most of the ECHO Assets and their combination.
Five main Demonstration Cases are foreseen, combined in a way to cover all the important ECHO assets:
In the following Figure (Figure 1), a diagram showing these relationships is provided: this constitutes the foundation of current and upcoming ECHO activities bringing the full integration of the outputs of the project:

Each Demonstration Case is structured as a project, with a detailed schedule and a set of interdisciplinary and multi-organization activities from preparation to delivery: each of them will take several months to be implemented and teams ranging from 20 to 40 people involved! Each Demonstration Case will conclude with a public Event where the activities will be summarized and presented.
ECHO Cyber Ranges to support Demonstration Cases To support E-FCR demonstration cases, a set of cyber ranges will be available, each with several training, testing and R&D scenarios. ECHO is working on developing a set of sector-specific cyber ranges (two healthcare, two maritime and one energy range will be developed, plus a possible space cyber range: we will discuss with the European Space Agency about the usage of a space cyber range) and a set of more IT-generic ranges (useful to be used as attack sources in federated scenarios, or other).
A glimpse of our ship navigation system emulation, developed by RHEA in collaboration with Fincantieri: