Vyacheslav Kharchenko, Herman Fesenko, Oleg Illiashenko

Published in

MDPI - Sensors 2022, 22(13), 4865


artificial intelligence, quality model, quality, characteristic

Open Access



The factors complicating the specification of requirements for artificial intelligence systems (AIS) and their verification for the AIS creation and modernization are analyzed. The harmonization of definitions and building of a hierarchy of AIS characteristics for regulation of the development of techniques and tools for standardization, as well as evaluation and provision of requirements during the creation and implementation of AIS, is extremely important. The study aims to develop and demonstrate the use of quality models for artificial intelligence (AI), AI platform (AIP), and AIS based on the definition and ordering of characteristics. The principles of AI quality model development and its sequence are substantiated. Approaches to formulating definitions of AIS characteristics, methods of representation of dependencies, and hierarchies of characteristics are given. The definitions and harmonization options of hierarchical relations between 46 characteristics of AI and AIP are suggested. The quality models of AI, AIP, and AIS presented in analytical, tabular, and graph forms, are described. The so-called basic models with reduced sets of the most important characteristics are presented. Examples of AIS quality models for UAV video navigation systems and decision support systems for diagnosing diseases are described.