Jyri Rajamäki; Janne Lahdenperä; Velizar Shalamanov

Published in

2022 12th International Conference on Dependable Systems, Services and Technologies (DESSERT)


Design science research, ECHO governance model, Data governance, Management information system

Open Access



The ECHO (European network of Cybersecurity centers and competence Hub for innovation and Operations) CNO (collaborative network organization) is supposed to start operating in early 2023. The management of the information flows is important for the successful governance of the CNO. For the needs of the future organization, this design science research (DSR) develops a Governance and Management Information System (GMIS), which will be a communication-driven decision-making system with a common space for a document database and tools for communication and teamwork. The paper describes five design cycles and their results: (1) ECHO GMIS high-level functions, (2) process support functions, (3) information-sharing functions, (4) platform planning, and (5) implementation plan. The follow-up studies are presented in three different timeframes: what can be done before the CNO starts operating, what can be done immediately after the CNO starts operating, and a medium-term plan. Finally, the research is evaluated using the DSR framework.