Burak Mavzer, Kadir; Konieczna, Ewa; Alves, Henrique; Yucel, Cagatay; Chalkias, Ioannis; Mallis, Dimitrios; Cetinkaya, Deniz; Galindo Sanchez, Luis Angel

Published in

2021 IEEE International Conference on Cyber Security and Resilience (CSR) Workshops


trust in cyber threat intelligence, cyber threat intelligence quality, information sharing

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Information sharing has been considered a critical solution against the ever-increasing complexity of cyber-attacks. In this effort Cyber Threat Intelligence is undergoing a process of increasing its maturity levels. The quantification of the quality of shared information and the assessment of trust amongst information sharing entities is an important part of the process. The Trust and Quality Tool has been designed as a tool with the aim of improving the trust in the relevancy of shared information by enabling an option to assess its trustworthiness and defining a set of metrics for trust and quality.