Marcin Niemiec; Andrzej Dziech; Miłosz Stypiński; Jan Derkacz

Published in

Information & Security: An International Journal 43, no. 1 (2019): 62-72.


communications, next-generation Internet, quantum techniques,

Open Access



Quantum physics influences modern computer science and communications. We observe new quantum-based solutions which are being implemented in practical networks. This article introduces these techniques and explains how they can change the next-generation Internet and communication. The basics of quantum mechanics and such effects as birefringence and entanglement are briefly introduced. Next, the most popular quantum-based solutions which are good candidates for modern services in the next-generation Internet are described. The quantum key distribution process, as well as the idea and validation of a quantitative approach to security in quantum cryptography, are presented. In addition to security methods, quantum-based solutions for data processing and transmission are explained: superdense coding, the medium access control protocol with quantum entanglement and the idea of quantum computing. The final section concludes the article and indicates current initiatives and future directions.