Over the 4 years of ECHO in operation, a number of innovative cybersecurity prototype tools and assets have been developed thanks to the active and effective collaboration of 30+16 European partners. All the main ECHO concepts set at the beginning of the project have been achieved:


ECHO Governance Model: Management of direction and engagement of partners (current and future)​

ECHO Multi-Sector Assessment Framework: Transverse and inter-sector needs assessment and technology R&D roadmaps

ECHO Cyberskills Framework and Training Curriculum: Cyberskills reference model and associated curriculum​

ECHO Security Certification Scheme: Development of sector specific security certification needs within EU Cybersecurity Certification Framework​

ECHO Technical Roadmaps and Intersector Prototypes

ECHO Federated Cyber Range: Advanced cyber simulation environment supporting training, R&D and certification​

ECHO Early Warning System: Secured collaborative information sharing of cyber-relevant information​