• Date: 10 July, 2020
  • Location: online event
  • Description:
Semmelweis University and IESE Business School, along with E-Group are organizing the L-ead Summer School programme for the second consecutive year. L-ead is a flagship study programme in health care digitalization, focusing on leveraging e-health workforce by advanced skills.
It is a fascinating opportunity to improve your professional skills while developing cultural sensitivity towards digital health capability. By using innovative, mixed educational methods, the programme will provide a great opportunity to strengthen and advance e-skills, leverage the digital health workforce, and gain a better understanding of the digital ecosystem complexity.

Program of  10 July, 2020:

Policy matters
Innovative use of health data on EU level – intro (5m)
István Csizmadia (NHSC HU)
Marton Kis (your host)

European Health DataSpace – keynotes
Isabelle Chatelier and Licinio Kustra Mano (DG-Sante, EC) (15m)
Markus Kalliola (Sitra, FI) (15m)

Data privacy, ownership, protection,
Secondary use of data – local and cross border – eHaction
Diogo Martins ( SPMS, PT)  (20m)

Cybersecurity challenges b4, during and after COVID – ECHO
Matteo Merialdo (RHEA, B) (20m)

Policy Groupwork (60m)
debate and finetune of the 12 initial principles for the EC
Plenary wrap up and voting (10m)