• Date: 20, May 2020
  • Location: Online event
  • More info: https://ecs-org.eu/agenda
  • Description:

ECSO Webinar on information sharing, early awareness, vulnerability management and response in times of crisis

Coming up next in our series of webinars, we will discuss cyber threats and touch upon some key topics such as information sharing, early warning systems, vulnerability management and response in times of crisis.

Join us on Wednesday 20th May from 15:00 to 16:00 (Brussels time) together with our guest speakers:

  • Steve Purser, Head of Core Operations Department at European Union Agency For Cybersecurity (ENISA)
  • Phédra Clouner, Deputy Director of the Belgian Cybersecurity Centre
  • Fabien Lecoq, Chief Technical Security Officer, Sopra Steria
  • Wim Mees, Professor at the Royal Military Academy of Belgium and lead coordinator of the European Pilot Project ECHO.