Rajamäki, Jyri; Ruoslahti, Harri

Published in

Proceeding of the 20th European Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security ECCWS 2021. Reading, UK: Academic Conferences International, 623-626


ECHO project, SHAPES project, federated cyber range, security validation

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ECHO is a cybersecurity pilot project under the H2020 Program. The ECHO Federated Cyber Range (E-FCR) provides
enabling technology supporting ECHO Network operations, ensuring a safe and reliable multi-sector simulation environment
in which to ensure viable delivery of identified technology roadmaps, as well as, hands-on cyber-skills development involving
realistic sector specific or multi-sector simulations. A cyber range leverages cloud technologies to provide a virtualized
environment in which realistic cyber scenarios can be instantiated. The eHealth platform by project SHAPES will rely on
services and products provided by vendors. Operability and usability of the platform requires reliable, uninterrupted and
well-managed actions from the systems utilized to run services of the eHealth platform. The SHAPES platform operates in
the cyber domain and the taxonomy of cyber-risks vary from actions of people due lack of cybersecurity awareness to
technology failures. Moreover, threats from malicious external sources might exploit vulnerabilities of SHAPES assets and
therefore cause damage. Predefined security validation procedures facilitate to create a baseline for services and their
desired level of security. This work-in-progress paper explores how to apply E-FCR during eHealth-services validation
processes. The paper profits two Horizon-2020 projects: The ECHO cybersecurity project demonstrating how to utilize E-FCR
in the healthcare domain; and the SHAPES healthcare project that needs a cybersecurity validation processes for services
incorporated into the SHAPES platform.