Second International Scientific Conference “Digital Transformation, Cyber Security and Resilience” (DIGILIENCE 2020)

The rapid development and massive incorporation of advanced technologies transform industries, services, conflict, government, healthcare, leisure and social interaction. In the strive for competitive positioning, developers and users often underestimate safety and security considerations, which in turn provides ample opportunities for exploitation by malicious actors.

The series of DIGILIENCE conferences, the first of which took place in Sofia, 2-4 October 2019, aims to establish the state of the art and future demands in the provision of security and resilience of processes, services and systems that are heavily reliant on information technologies. Of particular interest are studies that examine systems in their interdependence or place their operation in a human or wider policy contexts, as well as evidence- and data-based studies and presentations of the respective datasets.

With these aims in mind, the Steering Committee invites original contributions to DIGILIENCE 2020 addressing the following themes:

All submitted papers will be reviewed by at least three subject matter experts in a double-blind peer review process.

Still have the chance to submit an original paper.
! The deadline for submitting the full text is June 8, 2020. !