Ioannis Tsimperidis, Cagatay Yucel, Vasilios Katos

Published in

Electronics 2021, 10(7), 835;


keystroke dynamics; data mining; user classification; feature selection; feature comparison

Open Access



Keystroke dynamics are used to authenticate users, to reveal some of their inherent or acquired characteristics and to assess their mental and physical states. The most common features utilized are the time intervals that the keys remain pressed and the time intervals that are required to use two consecutive keys. This paper examines which of these features are the most important and how utilization of these features can lead to better classification results. To achieve this, an existing dataset consisting of 387 logfiles is used, five classifiers are exploited and users are classified by gender and age. The results, while demonstrating the application of these two characteristics jointly on classifiers with high accuracy, answer the question of which keystroke dynamics features are more appropriate for classification with common classifiers.