Application for ECHO Spring Seminar

Please, be aware that this learning event is focused on junior specialists and enthusiasts. The training level is not introductory, nevertheless the topics will not be subject to advanced discussions.

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The video recording made during the Spring Seminar will be treated under strict confidentiality. The recordings comply with the ethical and legal standards in the EU (GDPR). The further use of the recordings for learning purposes will not include personal data and such data will not be provided to third party. The feedback of the participants will be anonymized and aggregated, so as to not reveal personal information and identity.

You can consult the whole privacy statement here:

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I understand that this event will be video recorded.
I am aware that the personal data I provide to the event organizers will be used only to communicate with me regarding this event and their other training services.
I understand that any recordings of the Spring Seminar are conducted for the purposes of evaluation and creation of learning materials.
I commit to provide my feedback on the provided learning content and tools.