In today’s connected world our business ICT infrastructure depends more and more on a coordinated and collaborative efforts for preserving the data and information security, reliability and resilience of our business operations and services. The cybersecurity incidents and events experienced by our organization could affect its reliability and reputation and at the same time this information can be crucial for preventing cascading damages for our partners, customers, industries and countries. Therefore, we need to find the answer of the questions:


  • what information we can share with our partners and other stakeholders,
  • when to share it
  • how to share it for supporting the prevention and mitigation of the related risks.

With the MonSys Bridgе, we aim to provide an easy way to incorporate the appropriate intelligence information, gathered by internal monitoring solutions, within the ECHO Early Warning System and thus to contribute with anonymized cybersecurity intelligence to a European-level situational awareness and knowledge.

The prototype serves for secure and efficient exchange of cybersecurity information between partners and value chain actors across industrial sectors, critical infrastructures and governments. Moreover, the MonSys Bridge supports the governance of the organizational cybersecurity policies and internal SIEM capabilities.   

It connects internally leveraged monitoring solutions with a European Situation Awareness and Threat Intelligence source. The users are able to select alerts and warnings, generated by the in-house monitoring software. The MonSys Bridge processes these alerts and sent them via Tickets or Warnings to the E-EWS for further investigation and sharing with related partners and stakeholders. Every ticket generated by the prototype could be shared with multiple parties that could be involved in an investigation or could experience similar troubles.  

If you wish to know more about Monsys Bridge, watch the demonstration video on our YouTube channel: