What you get:

  • Subscription to ECHO’s monthly newsletter
  • Free participation in ECHO Workshops and Hackathons
  • Participate in exclusive events for ECHO Club Members
  • Gain exclusive access to ECHO products and services
  • Participate in dedicated surveys and studies
  • Opportunity to provide inputs to the ECHO Roadmap
  • Opportunity to passively observe one or more of the five demonstration cases
  1. E-EWS Reference Library Exchange
  2. E-EWS Cyber Incident Coordination and Response
  3. E-FCR Use of Training Delivery
  4. E-FCR Use for Research and Development
  5. E-FCR Use for Cybersecurity Certification Testing

As an ECHO Collaborator, you receive information about the outcomes of the project, participate in some of the ECHO events, and are interested to collaborate more actively with ECHO by providing support, effort, feedback and/or participation in studies and demonstrations, and you have the opportunity to gain full access to specific topics, such as the ECHO EWS.

Membership information:

  • You are bound by a simple New Participant Agreement and the Consortium Agreement.
  • If you wish to access confidential information, you will be asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • You can unsubscribe from individual items or from membership altogether, but if you are bound by specific tasks, you need to contact the engagement team for more information.